Mission Statements for Coalition and Commission

Utah Commission On Civic And Character Education Mission Statement
Recognizing that the cultivation of a continuing understanding and appreciation of representative democracy and the rule of law in Utah and the United States among succeeding generations of educated and engaged citizens is important to the nation and state,

The mission of the Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education is:

  • To provide leadership for the state's commitment to civic and character education in the public schools, institutions of higher education, and the larger community;
  • To make recommendations to school boards and administrators; and
  • To promote coalitions and collaborative efforts that foster informed and civil public discourse and responsible citizenship.

Utah Coalition For Civic, Character And Service Learning Mission Statement
"The mission of the Coalition is to instill in K-16 students the desire to become engaged citizens, who, with their community partners, are endowed with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence to participate fully in democratic life. The collaborative effort of the Coalition is intended to increase community awareness of this civic education work and the need for engaged citizenship."